With summer about to end and brands gearing up for Sunscreen season 2024, it's time to prepare for the increasing demand for sunscreen products. Pure Source, a renowned and trusted manufacturer in the Beauty and OTC industry, is now offering its manufacturing expertise to brands wanting to increase their sunscreen footprint/marketshare. Here's why partnering with Pure Source for your sunscreen manufacturing needs is a strategic move for your brand.

Proven Excellence in Beauty and OTC Manufacturing

Pure Source boasts a strong legacy of excellence in the Beauty and OTC industry. With a focus on quality and innovation, they have earned a stellar reputation for manufacturing products that brands trust. By collaborating with Pure Source, your sunscreen brand gains access to this established reputation for product excellence. Pure Source has produced Sunscreen products for brands that are top sellers in Whole Foods, CVS, Target and ULTA. The product types that are best sellers in these stores all range from BOV Sprays and premium SPF serums to your typical lotion/creams. If its a Natural Sunscreen you’re looking for, or a hybrid formulation, Pure Source’s team can walk you through the steps.

Whether you're a sunscreen supplier or are looking to enter the sunscreen market with your own brand, aligning with a manufacturer of Pure Source's capability can significantly impact consumer trust, product quality, and overall brand success.

Manufacturing Expertise That Transcends Industries

Pure Source's manufacturing expertise isn't limited to a single product category. While they’ve made their mark in various sectors of the Beauty and OTC industry, their commitment to excellence remains unwavering across the board. This means that when it comes to sunscreen manufacturing, you can count on the dedication to detail, precision, and quality that have made Pure Source a recognized name in the OTC Sunscreen industry.

Compliance and Credibility

Pure Source devotes tremendous time and resources to Quality Assurance. From our laboratory to our manufacturing and warehouse facility, the Pure Source team of professionals are trained to be industry-leading experts on mandated and recommended GMPs, SOPs, and all FDA rules and regulations.

Additionally, every product we manufacture undergoes a rigorous set of Quality Assurance tests uniquely designed for that specific product.

Crafted in the USA: Quality Assured

Pure Source proudly manufactures its products in the USA, specifically Miami, Florida - the Sunshine State of all places - upholding rigorous quality assurance measures and complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In today's market, consumers place a premium on products made in the USA due to the assurance of quality and safety.

By choosing Pure Source as your manufacturing partner, you can proudly label your sunscreen products as "Made in the USA," a compelling selling point that resonates with discerning customers. This designation signifies not just where your products are made but also the uncompromising standards they adhere to.

Seize the Sunscreen Market with Pure Source

As the increase of people spending time outdoors and the surge of consumers wanting to protect their body from sun damage sunscreen products continues to surge, this is the ideal moment to make your mark. Whether you're an established brand or a newcomer, Pure Source can provide the manufacturing expertise, regulatory clarity and credibility your brand needs to thrive in this competitive market.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create high-quality sunscreen products that consumers trust. Reach out to Pure Source today to explore how they can support your venture into the flourishing sunscreen market.

Pure Source's legacy of excellence in manufacturing, coupled with their commitment to quality, compliance, and Made in the USA production, positions them as the perfect partner for your sunscreen manufacturing needs. Seize this opportunity and ensure your brand shines brightly in the sunscreen market. Start your journey toward creating safe and effective sunscreen products with Pure Source today.