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Embark on a seamless Acne Skin Care journey from concept to completion. Pure Source is your trusted partner in Full-Turnkey Product Development & Manufacturing in the U.S. (Formulating, Filling, Packaging, Testing and Manufacturing). We specialize in the formulating and manufacturing of Topical Acne products for your brand. Our Product Development Process is tailored to meet the unique demands of the Acne industry, including salicylic acid formulations.

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Acne Product Manufacturing

Our simple 6-step process...
  • Introduction Call: Initiate the process with a personalized introduction call specifically focused on Acne product development. Discuss your vision, goals, and target-audience in detail, along with your preferred active ingredients. Whether it’s Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Benzoyl Peroxide or Resorcinol in your formulations we have you covered.
  • Formulate Samples / Samples Approved: Your satisfaction is our priority. Our experienced team of chemists will come up with a unique formula or even enhance a benchmark product that is already on the Acne market. Samples typically take two weeks to make prior to the customer testing them out. Once a sample is approved the next step is reviewing the artwork and getting ready for mass production.
  • Ingredients / Packaging Ordered: We source ingredients only from validated suppliers who provide the necessary documentation to ensure quality. Every ingredient our team orders undergoes rigorous quarantine and testing before being released for mass production of our customers' products. Our purchasing team orders raw materials and components needed for mass production which arrive at our U.S. facility in Miami, FL.
  • Artwork Reviewed & Approved: Once a sample is approved, our internal Compliance and Regulatory department reviews the customer's artwork to ensure it complies with the FDA's Acne monograph. By refining the artwork internally, we increase our confidence in its successful submission to the FDA for review. This process gives our customers peace of mind, knowing the artwork is likely to pass, thereby avoiding delays in manufacturing and wasted funds on incorrect packaging.
  • Formulate Samples / Samples Approved: We rigorously test all raw materials entering our facility to ensure they match the accompanying documentation. For Acne formulas, it's crucial that active ingredients like salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide and resorcinol are both effective and safe for use. Once all raw materials pass testing, they are released for batching.
  • Product Mixed, Filled, & Packaged: The product is then mixed and filled along our automated assembly line, ultimately reaching its final packaging components. Once the production run is complete, the product must undergo all necessary testing to guarantee a safe and efficacious product for consumers. Finally, upon passing these tests, the product is released and shipped.
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Salicylic Acid Manufacturing Solutions

Pure Source is a leading Acne manufacturer with the ability to formulate effective Acne products. As a Salicylic Acid manufacturer we formulate and produce OTC Salicylic Acid solutions for Acne treatment. Our products are formulated to meet our customers needs and goals. By offering a full turn-key experience we are able to Formulate, Fill, Manufacture and Test to allow a smooth Salicylic Acid Acne Experience.

A young woman is squeezing a small amount of acne cream to on of her fingers. The tube has the words Benzoyl Peroxide.
Benzoyl Peroxide Manufacturing Solutions

As a dedicated Benzoyl Peroxide manufacturer, we provide superior Benzoyl Peroxide formulations to combat Acne. Offering different Acne alternatives depending on skin type and age ranges allows for a more targeted treatment. By offering a targeted full turn-key experience we are able to Formulate, Fill, Manufacture and Test to allow a smooth Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Experience.

A teenage boy wearing a dark blue baseball cap has the bottom-half of his face covered with acne.
Sulfur Acne Product Manufacturing Solutions

As a Sulfur Acne Product manufacturer, Pure Source offers a sulfur-based Acne fighting treatment offering a mild and gentle solution for breakouts. Our Sulfur Acne formulated products are targeted too dry out blemishes and clear pores. By offering a targeted full turn-key experience we are able to Formulate, Fill, Manufacture and Test to allow a gentle Sulfur treatment.

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Client Experiences

The reason I got in contact with Pure Source was because of lack of communication with my manufacturer overseas and wanting my product to be made in the USA. When I called and spoke to a sales rep , they made the whole process very smooth from the minimum order quantities to the explanation of the products they offer, they really helped bring my vision to life.

Kris P.
New York, NY

Pure Source has been instrumental for my business. They have assigned an account rep who is hands-on and seems to really care. I personally made an inventory mishap and they picked up on it and resolved the issue ASAP. With all the ups and downs I have experienced it is nice that I can rely on a consistent manufacturer. Will absolutely continue to use and highly recommend.

Eliyahu F.
Miami, FL

Pure Source has been monumental in our success and the backbone of our product R&D. The team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and as they understand our needs better than we do which is a breath of fresh air in our industry. Cheers to the Pure Source team it's been great working together for so many years!

Jimmy A.
Montreal, CA

Pure Source was very professional and great to work with. They helped me with formulation all the way through shipping a final product. Will work with them again.

Tessy M.
Sydney, AU

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