Consulting Call

It all starts with a consulting call to go over your product and brand needs! Our team will go over our contract manufacturing services and process to determine the best course of action for your project. We are transparent with our customers throughout the whole product cycle, providing you with constant updates and estimates, as well as honest timelines and expectations.

Samples Are Formulated

Once we receive the details about your product, the formulation process begins. Keep in mind that any product can be tailored towards your desired target-price, claims, and packaging. In addition, we can also enhance an existing product on the market. Most samples take around two weeks to create. After you approve and sign the sample approval form, the production run starts.

Ingredients Are Ordered

After you have approved the samples and formula, the ingredients are ordered in accordance with the number of requested products. We always order from the best, most trusted suppliers in the business to ensure that you and your customers get the best products available on the market.

Ingredients Are Tested Before Creating The Formula Batch

Next, materials go through a rigorous testing process before we begin formulating the batch. We make sure there are no abnormal or unwanted substances, such as chemicals, contaminants, or impurities.

Products Are Assembled

Once all the ingredients are tested and safe to use, we start the mass production phase. Your original approved sample is manufactured in a large-scale batch tank, depending on the size of your order. Once the product is mixed, it is fed down an assembly line to be filled, bottled, and labeled as per your specifications.

Final Product Is Re-Tested

Now that the product is completed, we conduct a final round of testing to detect possible contaminants and any other irregularities in your formula. This step is designed to make sure products are compliant with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing purity, quality, and safety with every batch.

Products Are Shipped Directly to You

After final testing and assembly are completed, your product is now ready to be shipped! The timeline for orders using standard packaging is 10 weeks and 8-10 weeks for reorders. Reduced timelines depend on the packaging and how quickly we can obtain the raw materials.

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Our Health & Beauty Product Development Process

Formulation and Samples

It starts with a formulation and samples submitted for your approval. Once the product meets your exact specifications, we’ll take care of all the necessary testing. If desired, we will supply you with all of the test results and backup data your product calls for, from stability to microbiological testing to clinical trials.


Pure Source will take care of sourcing (and producing, if required) the perfect packaging for your product. Whether it’s the most cost-effective container or the most intricate private mold, our expertise and experience will provide packaging that’s compatible with your product, easy and enjoyable for consumers to use, and in line with the exact look and feel you envision - all within your budget.


We use a wide range of artists and label designers to give you the exact look you want. And if your packaging includes boxes, shrink bands, special shipping instructions, etc., we’ll take care of that for you too.

Quality Control

Our turnkey services can also include a wide range of product assays and quality control testing designed to give you maximum security at a minimum cost.


Our wide array of filling and packaging equipment allows us to furnish you with everything from sample packets and vials to the most exquisite custom-made glass containers or even large tote tanks. We can source and supply your components and fill and decorate them to your exact specifications. Bottles, jars, and tubes are all done in-house with high-speed, high-precision equipment.

From high speed automated filling to hand assembly of gift baskets, we find a way to make your finished product match your concept and vision. Our engineering department designs a assembly line to maximize your product’s production, filling every product with more precision and in less time.

Get Custom Samples

Build Your Own Product


We Handle Your Product Development Process From Beginning to End

The Pure Source has full-ranging capabilities to:

  • Provide all the necessary testing for quality control. We can provide clinical, dermatological, and microbiological testing certificates.

  • Design and develop packaging. We will create compelling and cost-effective packaging concepts for enhanced customer experience.

  • Design a look in line with your vision. Let our team of designers make your ideas a successful reality with labeling and branding ideas that perfectly align with your vision.

Product Development FAQs

What are the steps of product development?

Our process consists of the following steps: formulation and samples, packaging, assembly, labeling, and quality control. Each step in our process is led by a team of licensed professionals and conducted at FDA-certified facilities.

Who makes your products?

Our full-time product development staff includes chemists, pharmacists, and engineers, all uniquely trained to meet your needs. We formulate to meet the demands of even the most discerning clientele in up-scale boutiques or department stores, and most importantly, and most importantly, we formulate to your exact budget.

How long does product development take?

It all depends on your individual business needs and goals. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to discuss our product development process in more detail, including timelines and overall expectations.

Do you provide reports throughout the process?

Yes, we can provide you with reports and updates throughout the process. We are committed to growing your business and meeting all your expectations, and we believe communication is essential to that process.

I want to develop a new product, where do I start?

If you want to develop a product with us or just want to learn more about our process, please contact us by filling out the form on this page.

Client Experiences

The reason I got in contact with The Pure Source was because of lack of communication with my manufacturer overseas and wanting my product to be made in the USA. When I called and spoke to a sales rep , they made the whole process very smooth from the minimum order quantities to the explanation of the products they offer, they really helped bring my vision to life.

Kris P.
New York, NY

The Pure Source has been instrumental for my business. They have assigned an account rep who is hands-on and seems to really care. I personally made an inventory mishap and they picked up on it and resolved the issue ASAP. With all the ups and downs I have experienced it is nice that I can rely on a consistent manufacturer. Will absolutely continue to use and highly recommend.

Eliyahu F.
Miami, FL

Pure Source has been monumental in our success and the backbone of our product R&D. The team has been an absolute please to work with and as they understand our needs better than we do which is a breath of fresh air in our industry. Cheers to the Pure Source team it's been great working together for so many years!

Jimmy A.
Montreal, CA

Pure Source was very professional and great to work with. They helped me with formulation all the way through shipping a final product. Will work with them again.

Tessy M.
Sydney, AU

The Pure Source Products Sold At

The Pure Source produced Products are sold at Amazon, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods, Kroger and Sephora among others

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