As a consumer, If you are accustomed to using quality health or beauty products, you may unknowingly have already experienced the benefits of product testing. However, as a business owner and manufacturer, testing products in a consistent and trustworthy way is even more important. 

Conducting a product test can help reveal if the end result will be reliable, durable, and effective. It ensures a high-quality product and experience for the user. It can also catch costly or disastrous issues before they get passed on to the consumer, saving business owners time, money, headaches, and heartaches. Finally, it offers a marketing boost to companies hoping to create loyal customers and reach new ones. 

How to Test New Products

The best way to test new products is to engage a manufacturer who follows a stringent testing system with everything they make, like Pure Source. As a business owner, you need to feel secure in every unit of every product that you distribute. Feeling confident in the source ingredients of your products, as well as in the end result, is the best way to develop a strong marketing strategy and deliver a guarantee to consumers. 

Health and beauty products typically undergo three phases of testing before being passed onto the consumer. They are usually first tested in development to ensure that the formula will deliver benefits to the consumer. Once they enter mass production, products are often tested internally by the manufacturer to ensure no mistakes are made and avert product contamination. Finally, products can be third-party tested to guarantee the highest possible standard in the final product.

After these initial testing phases, a product may be consumer tested by a sample of people who partake in a product testing group. This kind of product testing is also known as pilot testing. Corporations often do pilot testing to understand how the larger market will respond to a product. Pilot testing is more often a review of the packaging, distribution, ease, and efficacy of use, and materials than it is a quality control process. It allows companies to catch mistakes or miscalculations about their market share before a large portion of their budget is sunk into a new product. 

What Is Third-Party Testing?

Third-party testing is the final step in quality control. When a product is third-party tested, it usually means that a manufacturer or business contracts with an outside agency to review the product and ensure that it is safe, effective, and consistent. Often third-party testing is done by an accredited laboratory that tests for compliance and safety of the final product and the manufacturing process. This may involve an audit of the manufacturers’ facilities, structure, or suppliers, in addition to a review of individual product samples themselves. 

The Importance of Third-Party Testing

While you could individually source each product and submit it to product testing websites, the easiest way is to rely on the manufacturer to guarantee a high-quality product every time. The best solution is to use a manufacturer that engages in third-party testing. 

Third-party testing is crucial to providing unbiased feedback about the product and process. It can be a safety net for the manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and business owner, providing peace of mind and security. Often, reputable health and beauty manufacturers, in particular, will seek out third-party testing to prove that they are in compliance with certain certifications and high standards. 

Third-party testers usually have access to dedicated testing materials, laboratories, and specially trained employees that manufacturers who only use in-house testers may lack. While in-house testing is an important step in the development process of a product, getting outside eyes on a product is an invaluable step in guaranteeing the safety, quality, and efficacy of the final result. It can minimize liability and maximize the reward for everyone involved. 

Marketing Benefits of Third-Party Testing

More and more, consumers are seeking out third-party tested products for the guarantee that they provide. According to NSF International, an independent public health and safety organization, 61% of Americans report feeling concerned about the products they put in, around, and on their bodies. In addition, the study finds that consumers overwhelmingly prefer independent analysis, like a third-party test, over in-house assurances from products and corporations about the safety and efficacy of their products. Self-declared promises directly from brands may even increase consumer mistrust and wariness, the study suggests.

These results are especially important for the health and beauty industry, which directly provides personal use products, and hence has an increased responsibility to respond to consumer concerns and preferences. As a business, being able to say that your product has been third-party tested and is compliant, safe, effective, and honest has enormous value when it comes to building consumer loyalty.

The Pure Source Testing Process

The Pure Source is one of the most trusted product manufacturers in the country, with a record for creating stellar, reliable, customizable products in the health and beauty industries. Every product created by Pure Source undergoes a rigorous custom contract manufacturing process, from product conception to development, quality testing to shipping and logistics. Most importantly, Pure Source tests not only the finished formula but also each ingredient. Each custom contract process involves sharing samples with the requester, with the option of providing all the data possible about each formula, from microbiological analysis to clinical trials. This allows business owners to advertise and distribute their products with ease and confidence, ensuring that their consumers end up with the best possible product on the market and creating a network of returning clientele.