One of the biggest trends for the shampoo business in 2020 is dry shampoo. More and more, people seem inclined to go towards a brand that “eliminates the use of water”. Due to this, many large or non-dry shampoo vendors are looking towards adding this type of product to their line. According to a study on the projected growth of the shampoo industry from 2020-2024, the following figures have been estimated:

Source: Technavio


  • Distribution of shampoos, both dry and wet, is projected to come from a near 50/50 split of online and offline sales with an uptick in online sales as COVID continues and more shopping is done online.  
  • Both regular and medicated shampoos help make up the top sales.
  • Due to COVID, many at-home salon-grade shampoos are also on the rise as people are left without their stylists and opt to color, cut and care for their hair at home
  • North America, Europe, and Asia make up the top-buying shampoo continents in the world
  • Due to an increase in beauty conscious trends, organic shampoos are also on the rise. More consumers are looking for products with clear, clean ingredients rather than foreign names and bottles loaded with chemicals.
  • Another study done in June of 2020 showed consumers are more interested in buying bottles that can be recycled. Zero-waste shampoo is becoming an international trend.  
  • According to the report, “the rising demand for naturally made shampoo bars will significantly drive the growth of the zero-waste shampoo market”.

With the above themes and data in mind, we can see that a myriad of green-initiative shampoos are what consumers seek. From clean ingredients in the shampoo itself to non-water using shampoo (dry) and zero-waste packages; any shampoo company looking to increase sales and stick around for the foreseeable future needs to look towards environmentally friendly options.

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