Yes, finally a method for a spray-on tan that looks like you’ve spent hours in the sun.

Safe – effective – even – natural looking ….beautiful

Since Pure Source introduced its state-of-the art continuous spray facility last year, we have been looking for more ways where the continuous spray application can be beneficial.  Nowhere has it proven to be more effective than sunless tanning products.  The technology in sunless tanning formulations has improved greatly in recent years.  That innovation has allowed for sunless tans to look real and natural.  But the problem was still the application.

How do you apply it in a perfectly even manner?
How do you avoid orange hands when you’re done?

The answer is simple.  Let Pure Source develop your sunless tanning product in a convenient and easy to use continuous spray.

Pure Source’s continuous sprays contain no gasses or harmful propellants.  That just allow for a smooth and easy application with:
No orange hands.
No blotches.

It’s quick and easy and even – it’s natural looking and beautiful.

Contact one of the Pure Source customer-service professionals to talk about this new and exciting innovation.  Learn how cost-effective our price structure is, and how we can develop a product to meet your exact specifications.

All with low minimum order requirements and quick turn-around times.

That’s the Pure Source Difference – call to find out how different we can be.