The best organic products are mainly dependent upon the quality of raw organic ingredients utilized in their making such as USDA organic. Pure Source has been a trusted and highly dependable natural and organic manufacturer in Miami, Florida that is certified by UL.

Vegan skincare customers seek holistic skincare, cosmetic and beauty products that support their all-natural lifestyles. Pure Source has been at the forefront of organic product research and development, helping their clients manufacture products that are compliant and meet the SOP(standard operating procedures) of certified facilities.

Pure Source helps its customers understand the different levels of organic products they can offer to their target customers. Most businesses do not know what makes a product organic. As a UL-certified company,Pure Source helps its’ customers “clean up” their products to make them organic.

Customers with already existing product lines come to us to “cleanup” some of their ingredients to meet certain claims while still performing the same. Certain stores like Whole Foods have a “no” list that must be followed.

When Delecus was asked about the quality of the organic beauty products manufactured at Pure Source she stated, “My parents raised me health-conscious and told me that your skin is your largest organ, and you have to care for it.My focus at Pure Source has been to develop innovative ways to clean up skincare formulas. It makes me happy to see the company’s products I manufacture on the shelf or online.”

Pure Source has been in the business of manufacturing organic cosmetic, beauty, and natural skincare products for over 25 years. With our facility being USDA registered to guarantee our clients are receiving only the highest quality organic products, down to the last ingredients.

Pure Source is proud to serve businesses both locally and internationally manufacture award winning products in the health and beauty industries that go above and beyond the organic standard.

For more details, contact Pure Source at 305-477-8111.