Miami, FL — Pure Source, LLC, a world leader in product development and contract manufacturing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals has announced the sale of their STRIXADERM-MD brand, a revolutionary collection of skin treatment products.

Despite its retail success in nearly 40 countries across Europe and the Middle East, Pure Source chose to sell the brand to concentrate on its core areas of business, such as research and development and contract manufacturing.

“We want to do what we do best,” said Pure Source President/CEO Joel Meyerson. “We have earned a worldwide reputation in research, development and manufacturing. I want to take advantage of that expertise and let our strategic partners do the marketing, which is what they do best.”

Pure Source has specialized in the development and manufacturing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals since 1995. From scientific research and product development through the packaging of finished products, Pure Source has worked with many well known companies in the design, formulation and establishment of new brands.

Pure Source boasts a staff of professionals with a unique blend of diversity and talents that allows it to help its clients through every step of the development process. From product concepts, through scientific research, development and testing – from packaging design through brand recognition, Pure Source has become a world leader in helping its clientele transform a vision and a dream into a profitable reality.

Pure Source has the ability to provide all types of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (liquids, creams, lotions and gels) and nutritional supplements (capsules, tables, softgels and liquids). Pure Source is a registered drug manufacturer with the United States Food and Drug Association and is a certified organic facility. For more information on the services the company can offer, contact them at (305)477-8111 or visit their website at