Pure Source continues to grow its foothold in the Contract Manufacturing space by acquiring an additional 58,000 square feet, bringing its total facilities to nearly 200,000 square feet. The newly acquired space dramatically expands its overall capacity for manufacturing and warehousing.

Pure Source is driven to help businesses succeed by creating a more ideal client experience. With the new expansion, Pure Source is even more equipped to “scale-up” client product needs as their product lines continue to grow.

Pure Source manufactures a variety of health and organic beauty products ranging from sprays and creams to gels and supplements, and everything in between. Pure Source is a USDA certified Organic Product manufacturer, so they can also formulate products that can satisfy the “clean” market!

Joel Meyerson, CEO stated that, “We grow with our customers and when our customers need something we go out and get it. Our customers in the Sunscreen market wanted to expand with an environmentally friendly option, so we went out and acquired a fully Automated BOV machine. Continuing to take care of our customers has allowed us to have incredible growth.” 

With this new expansion, Pure Source stays ahead of the curve and keeps its clients satisfied by helping them create and manufacture award winning products in the health and beauty industries.

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