New regulations to make suntan products water-resistant have been put into effect by the United States Food and Drug Administration. All suntan products that make a claim of being water-resistant, sweat-resistant, etc., not must undergo rigorous testing to support these claims.

Since the news of these new regulations came out, contract manufacturers have been racing to testing labs with new theories and methods of adding water resistance to products. Of course that is crucial for products worn around the water for protection.

Naturally, Pure Source, the well-known Miami-based contract manufacturing icon has beaten its competition with the knowledge and development. And naturally, Pure Source did it naturally. Specific blends of natural waxes like Sunflower Wax and Beeswax, when used very specific concentrations in each formula has led to many different suntan products by Pure Source passing this newly required testing with flying colors.

In one case, Pure Source actually developed an all-natural SPF-15 that was 100% waterproof. The product tested out with the exact same ultraviolet protection after 80-minutes of complete submersion in water, as it did prior to the submersion.

An all-natural product that is 100% waterproof is virtually unheard of in the sunscreen industry, but Pure Source continues to the scientific leader in natural sunscreen innovation. Pure Source is already believed to be the only company effective manufacturing all natural (and broad-spectrum) sunscreens of an SPF greater than 30. Pure Source has developed three different formulations in the SPF40 and SPF-50 range that are all-natural, and passed all of the new FDA testing requirements.

When you look at their historical innovation in natural sunscreens, it is really not a surprise that Pure Source is the first to develop natural methods to meet the latest FDA sunscreen regulations, which are by far the strictest regulations levied on the sunscreen industry from the regulatory agency.