Do you dream of taking an original concept for a cosmetic product and turning it into a money-making best-seller on Amazon? While it is a feasible plan, many do not have the expertise, time, or resources to turn their wild ideas into an actual product.

Before developing any cosmetic formulation, you should research similar products and find out their strengths and weaknesses and what modifications you could make to make yours stand out. Additionally, it is essential to look for patents on similar products to ensure that they are not infringing any legal restrictions.

If you have viable, entrepreneurial ideas about cosmetic products but are not as versed on this side of the business, stick around. This post will go over cosmetic product formulation, how to do it, and its importance.

Cosmetic Product Formulation

The product formulation is a fundamental step in the life cycle of your product. It requires a cross-disciplinary approach with access to specialists in chemistry, processes, and controlled techniques. With the knowledge in materials processing and manufacturing, product formulation delivers effective ingredients in a functional, safe, and usable form.

In the Lab

Product formulation involves understanding how different raw materials behave and interact to provide improved properties and processing in a convenient and usable format. If a formulation is not well assembled, interactions with the environment or other raw materials can have a radical effect on the quality of the product and its stability.

Many aspects are analyzed in parallel when formulating a cosmetic product. Changing one ingredient can have a degrading effect on others. To solve this, formulation laboratories bring together know-how on comprehensive formulation techniques to develop a suitable product for the purpose, meets clients' requirements, and delivers enhanced properties.

More Reliable, Longer-lasting, More Effective

Fundamental aspects of product formulation include wetting agents, dispersion techniques, controlled crystallization, rheology, additives, and surface chemistry. The hands-on science that goes into these products ensures that the active ingredients are evenly distributed, stable, and the shelf life is the best it can be. The products' environmental safety is another essential factor to consider when you're formulating your product. It is an easy part of the product to check for and can lead to serious issues if not addressed. If you're launching your cosmetic line, avoid using harmful ingredients in your formulas to reduce risk.

Testing & Manufacturing

Often, several small batches are presented to compare their peculiarities and performance when formulating a new cosmetic product. The experts then determine which batch is best. Typically these batch sizes are just a couple of grams. Once the best version is selected, a larger batch is formulated for further testing and troubleshooting before moving on to finalizing and general production.

When creating the chosen formulation in larger batches, the formulation may need to be adjusted slightly to be produced on a larger scale. Once these adjustments are curated and finalized, the formulation will be manufactured in-house or sent to a mass production manufacturer.

Once manufactured, products need to be further tested for their longevity (or shelf life). This helps uncover viable expiration dates and ensures that the product stays safe and effective long enough for customers to buy and use. 

Testing also determines how various temperature and humidity conditions will affect the stability of the product. This can be done in multiple ways, including real-time stability testing and accelerated shelf-life testing. 

Note: Depending on the regulations inflicted on your product, an accelerated stability test may not be recommended.


Finally, once tested and approved as a finished product, they are put in your meticulously selected packaging. The Pure Source makes sure every packaging option is available to you whether you prefer bottles, boxes, you name it. Our wide array of filling and packaging equipment allows us to furnish you with everything from sample packets and vials to the most exquisite custom-made glass containers or even large tote tanks. From high-speed automated filling to hand assembly of gift baskets, we find a way to make your finished product match your concept and vision.


If you plan on starting your own cosmetic line, knowing a thing or two about product formulation helps keep track of what goes into your products - even if you're not the one doing the formulating. Knowing your products are formulated with the right ingredients and tested for safety and quality is a must in the cosmetic world. At The Pure Source, our turnkey services can also include a wide range of product assays and quality control testing designed to give you maximum security at a minimum cost. 

We offer various custom manufacturing options to bring your skincare product ideas to life. It starts with a formulation and samples submitted for your approval. Once the product meets your exact specifications, we’ll take care of all the necessary testing. If desired, we will supply you with all of the test results and backup data your product calls for, from stability to microbiological testing to clinical trials. Navigate our contract manufacturing options to determine if The Pure Source is a good fit for your company.