Unlike prescribed medications that require a doctor’s prescription to get, OTC (over the counter) products are available from your local pharmacy, grocery store, drugstore, or even gas station, without the need for a prescription from your healthcare provider. However, this does not in any way mean that OTC products are less active. In truth, many are, and the FDA generally inspects OTC products to ensure they are both “safe” and “effective”.

Benefits of OTC Products
Currently, the U.S market has more than 300,000 OTC products. Many of the medications or ingredients available today were not available without prescription over 30 years ago. With access to these products today however, people have been able to enjoy a wide range of benefits using these OTC products for such needs as pain relief, dandruff, smoother skin and more.

The U.S has a large aging population, with four out of five reporting at least one chronic condition. OTC products provide more opportunities for this aging population with easy access to these medications they can help themselves to treating a myriad of aches and illnesses.  

The total number of allergy sufferers using OTCs has also increased over the years. Plus, nearly seven in ten parents have used OTC medications as a late-night immediate treatment for their children. There are also an estimated 60 million people in the U.S who enjoy access to relief from ailments, which may not have been given the required attention or treatment. It’s no wonder, the U.S household spends over $300 on average every year on OTC products.  

Because OTC products are accessible and affordable, the majority of the U.S population can breathe a sigh of relief when accessing treatments for minor ailments, which would have been costly elsewhere. Statistics show that increased accessibility of OTC medication helps households save at least $145 billion annually, and over $5 billion more could be avoided if unnecessary visits to the doctor can be curbed.  

Improved Productivity
With OTC products, individuals and families can meet their health care needs, fast and easy. Currently, over 95 percent of U.S adults believe that OTCs make it easy for them to treat minor ailments. About 90 percent of these also use OTCs before going in for professional care. Furthermore, at least 70 – 90 percent of consumers have used self-treatment to address symptoms that would have otherwise made them miss work, school, or reschedule other appointments.  

In the U.S today there are over 80 different classes of OTC products. They range from actual drugs, such as pain relievers to supplements and even weight loss products.

OTC drugs can be used to treat a vast number of symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, pain, coughs, colds, diarrhea, and lots more. And while self-treatment is beneficial, there is no doubt it also brings new responsibilities to the consumers. Fortunately, the FDA and Consumer Health Products Associations, have created a wealth of resources so that Americans can take advantage of OTC products. Therefore, OTC products are indeed highly beneficial to everyone!

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