Everyone with an interest in beauty will recognize the name L’Oreal which started in 1906, and Estee Lauder Companies, founded in 1946. It is fair to agree these are two of the biggest brands and enterprise’s in the industry today.

However, fast-forward to the 21st century where we have seen a wave of new beauty brands tapping into new trends for younger consumers. We have found now, for buyers of beauty, it’s not just the product itself, it’s also very much about the relatability to the brand as well as the social and environmental impact of their business activities.

Here, we will outline a few start-up beauty brands which are starting to make a name for themselves worldwide both in-store and online.  

Drunk Elephant

A young, fun and quirky beauty brand specializing in skincare products. They keep their products simple allowing consumers to easily understand the key components of their products. For example, the brand refers to their skincare products as smoothies! We all know the health benefits of drinking a smoothie and Drunk Elephant has essentially translated this blend of healthy ingredients into their skincare products, combining both a growing trend and simplicity for consumers.

Drunk Elephant has even expanded their beauty range into hair and body care products. Their philosophy is simple – it believes in a mixture of six key ingredients which help repair and rejuvenate the skin.

The combination of fun, ingenuity and simplicity in their product formulas most certainly contribute to the success of this brand as it is relevant to consumers’ needs as well as understanding of skincare necessities.  

Jecca Blac
Jecca Blac is a vegan, gender neutral beauty brand which is taking the market by storm. Reaching people of all genders, beliefs, identities, shapes and sizes to connect with their inner and outer beauty.

Taking beauty back to basics, the brand incorporates helpful videos in how to apply make-up and offers courses on the different ways to use make-up for all gender types. Their brand even includes a product line specific to beards, their care and how to put make-up on around them.

All in all, Jecca Blac has made a name of itself within the online world as the younger consumers want to accept every individual for who they are, and this brand does that just perfectly.

It is a great brand for those who are new to wearing make-up and are ready to take on a new adventure as well as those who are more experienced but are searching for a brand which is cruelty free and is relatable to them as individuals.  

Ocean One

With younger consumers placing significant emphasis on the environmental and the social impact of their purchasing decisions, it is no wonder that an environmentally friendly beauty brand is creating a new wave for the beauty industry. Ocean One prides itself on being a truly clean and cruelty free product which actually makes a difference to your skin.

The brand utilizes marine inspired ingredients as a means to help your skin as a well as to create awareness in protecting the planet’s oceans. In fact, the brand is partnered with the charity Oceanea, an organization that helps combat pollution in oceans.

On the beauty side of the brand, their products are guaranteed to be free of harmful toxins and use only naturally producing ingredients. Hence, their products are kinder to the skin as there are no harsh chemicals. In fact, their products are shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as lift and create a significant tightness of the skin after only 30 days of using their products.

There is no wonder with such as strong combination of fully natural ingredients and a clear strive to protect the natural environment that younger generations relate to this brand as they bring together two important issues; kindness to skin and kindness to the planet.

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