Pure Source, a registered manufacturer of Minoxidil and reputable manufacturer in the hair care industry, offers two formulas of Minoxidil Solutions: a 2% Solution tailored for women and a 5% Solution designed for men. These formulas are FDA-approved and have been clinically proven to help regrow hair assuring customers of their safety and effectiveness as hair regrowth treatments. By collaborating with Pure Source, your brand gains access to a clinically proven product that addresses the specific needs of both male and female consumers.

How it works:

With the use of Minoxidil twice a day, this formula works to effectively reactivate hair follicles and stimulate hair regrowth in only 2 months. In doing so, Minoxidil regrows hair with the same color and thickness as the existing hairs on the scalp, resulting in natural looking, fuller hair. In clinical studies conducted to test the effectiveness of Minoxidil in women, 40% of women experienced some degree of hair regrowth and 19% demonstrated substantial regrowth after using 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution. For men using 5% Minoxidil on the other hand, minimal, moderate, and dense hair regrowth has been shown covering most or all the hair loss area on the scalp. 

Credibility and Compliance

When it comes to providing reliable Minoxidil products, Pure Source stands out as a key player in the industry. As an FDA approved ANDA manufacturer for Minoxidil, Pure Source ensures that its products are consistently manufactured to meet GMP standards ensuring quality, safety and effectiveness. By partnering with Pure Source, your brand can therefore offer customers  effective hair regrowth treatments for baldness or thinning hair, instilling trust, and credibility in your products.

Navigating FDA Approval

Before venturing into the Minoxidil market, it's important to note that FDA approval is a mandatory requirement for selling OTC Minoxidil products. As per the FDA, it is required that facilities manufacturing Minoxidil products acquire an approved ANDA to ensure compliant product avoid any legal issues. This is where Pure Source's Quality and regulatory department comes to your aid. They provide valuable expertise  in formulating and  registering your over-the-counter Minoxidil products, as well as ensuring full compliance with packaging artwork, and providing all the necessary information required by the FDA. This seamless navigation through the regulatory process sets the stage for a successful and compliant product launch.

Made in the USA: Quality Assured

Pure Source takes pride in manufacturing all its Minoxidil products in the USA. By doing so, they adhere to stringent quality assurance  measures and GMP safety standards, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality. Consumers, now more than ever, prioritize products made in the USA due to the confidence it instills in them regarding the lead time, quality and safety of the products they use. By joining hands with Pure Source, your brand can proudly showcase "Made in the USA" on your Minoxidil products, a valuable selling point that resonates with discerning customers.

Embrace the Minoxidil Market with Pure Source

As the hair loss market continues its rapid growth, Minoxidil remains at the forefront of effective solutions. By offering Minoxidil Solutions for Men and Women, your brand can enter this lucrative market with a proven and reputable product. The expert team at Pure Source is ready to guide you through the FDA approval process and provide top-notch manufacturing capabilities. Contact Pure Source today at 305-477-8111 to discover how they can support your venture into the thriving hair loss market.

In conclusion, Minoxidil has solidified its place as a clinically proven solution for hair loss. Its widespread popularity, coupled with Pure Source's expertise, offers businesses a unique opportunity to tap into the ever-expanding hair loss market and provide effective solutions to customers seeking to regain their confidence and luscious locks. Embrace Minoxidil, collaborate with Pure Source, and embark on a successful journey towards fulfilling the hair care needs of millions.