As a leading Personal Care and Cosmetic OTC product manufacturing company based in the vibrant state of Florida, Pure Source takes pride in being your go-to contract manufacturer for innovative Skincare solutions. Specializing in a wide range of products, including Acne treatments, Under-Eye Serums, Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams, Body Lotions, and more, Pure Source is committed to transforming your Skincare vision into reality.

Expertise: With over 25 years of experience and a team of seasoned experts, Pure Source has earned a reputation for excellence in the Beauty and Cosmetic industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast cutting-edge technology and adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that each product manufactured surpasses expectations.

Innovative Skincare Solutions: Pure Source thrives on pushing the boundaries of Skincare innovation. We understand that the Beauty industry is ever-evolving, and consumers are constantly seeking revolutionary products. That's why we stay ahead of the curve, leveraging the latest advancements in AI skincare formulation and technology to bring you products that redefine Beauty standards.

Diverse Product Range: Whether you're looking to develop potent Acne treatments, rejuvenating Under-Eye Serums, powerful Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams, luxurious Body Lotions, or nourishing Anti-Aging Moisturizers, Pure Source has you covered. Our diverse product range allows you to cater to a wide audience and meet the unique needs of every Skincare consumer.

Customization and Collaboration: At Pure Source, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our Full-Turn Key Formulating, Filling, Packaging, Testing and Manufacturing facility allows for a hands on one-stop Personal Care or OTC experience. Our  team works closely with clients to understand their brand ethos, target audience, and product goals. We offer a range of customization options, allowing you to create unique formulations, select premium ingredients, and design packaging that aligns with your brand identity. Allow Pure Source to focus on the formulating, filling, packaging, testing and manufacturing so you can focus on selling your products!

Quality Assurance: Quality is at the core of everything we do here at Pure Source. Our commitment to delivering excellence is reflected in our rigorous Quality Assurance processes. Being a cGMP facility with an accolade of industry certificates you can be comfortable that your products are made with the highest quality manufacturing standards and ingredients. From raw material sourcing to production and final product inspection, every step is meticulously monitored to ensure that your Skincare products meet the highest standards.

Sustainable Practices: In addition to prioritizing quality, Pure Source is dedicated to sustainability. We embrace eco-friendly practices and are constantly exploring ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Partnering with us means not only gaining access to exceptional Skincare products but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

In the dynamic world of Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care, innovation is key. Pure Source stands as your reliable partner in crafting innovative skincare products that captivate consumers and elevate your brand. With a focus on Quality, Customization, and Sustainability, we invite you to embark on a journey with us to redefine the Skincare landscape. Experience the Pure Source difference – where beauty meets innovation!

Pure Source is registered and certified by agencies including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, The State of Florida Health Department, and The Department of Agriculture. Pure Source is also a UL Certified facility for the Manufacturing, Packaging, Warehousing, and Distribution of Beauty Products, Topical OTC Creams and Ointments. Moreover, our facility is also registered with QAI for the manufacturing of NOP and NSF/ANSI 305 Organic products.