PURE SOURCE, LLC, the famed Miami cosmetic developer/manufacturer, has announced the re-launch of it’s highly successful Aqua Scoop formulation under the new name of DermaQuench. When Aqua Scoop was originally launched as part of the Strixaderm-MD brand in 2007, it market a change in the way anti-aging products were looked at. Aqua Scoop was at the forefront of anti-aging treatment creams, and one of the first with clinically proven results for a myriad of aging issues in one cream. Aqua Scoop boasted sensation clinical trials for issued like moisturization (both instant and long-term), fine lines and wrinkles, blotches and blemishes and even pore size. At the time, it was regarded as the first anti-aging cream to offer outstanding (and verifiable) results in all of these areas. When Pure Source sold the rights to the Strixaderm-MD brand in early 2011, it found itself with consumers looking to buy a product that they didn’t have to provide.