With skin being the body’s largest organ, it’s important to maintain it with products that are clean and tailored for each person. Everyone wants to accomplish different goals with their skin from wanting the appearance of youthful skin to achieving a clearer complexion. This is where Pure Source comes in to curate products that meet your brands expectations. 

Before we can improve the appearance of our skin, it is important to understand how it works.

Our skin is composed of three layers. The innermost layer, known as the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis), contains fat cells which insulate the body along with connective tissue. The middle layer, known as the dermis, contains hair follicles, sweat glands and connective tissue. And lastly, the outermost layer, called the epidermis, provides a waterproof barrier that protects the inner skin from environmental contaminants.

Together, all three skin layers are essential to take care of because they work in unison to provide overall healthy skin. This is why Pure Source takes the complete skin system into consideration in order to be able to manufacture and formulate the best skincare products for our private label clients. 

Pure Source is passionate about healthy skin, safer products, better health, and utilizing clean beauty ingredients during product development. This is why they strive to create quality skincare products inspired by nature and proven by science. 

Pure Source was established on the belief that everyone should enjoy healthy, beautiful-looking skin. Pure Source only uses quality-tested ingredients that pass their rigorous internal raw material specifications that assess physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters. 

Taking care of your skin now will pay dividends down the line. Anyone with mature and amazing skin didn’t achieve it overnight.

One Pure Source team member said, “I’ve always had sensitive skin and loved skincare products, which is how I ended up in this field. Now, working at Pure Source, I get to work on a team that develops products aimed at helping sensitive skin. As I get older and gain more insight and experience in the skincare field, I realize just how important it is to take care of your skin and slow down aging!” 

Whether you need sunscreen to protect your body from the sun or a body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and smooth, Pure Source is a top source for all body lotion manufacturing needs.

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