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Our moisturizing products are expertly crafted to promote hydration and a healthy complexion while repairing damaged skin. From after-sun treatments to natural moisturizers for the face and body, our line of moisturizer products will help men and women get that healthy, radiant skin that everyone wants.

Our Moisturizer Manufacturing Process

We offer various custom manufacturing options designed to bring your topical product ideas to fruition. Our formulas are crafted by licensed pharmacists and made with top-grade ingredients to support skin care in a more natural way. Navigate our moisturizers to learn how we can manufacture high-quality topicals that align with your unique vision and meet your business’s specifications.

The Pure Source Moisturizing Products

All the formulas in our collection of moisturizing products have been carefully formulated to enhance different aspects of a natural, balanced skin care regimen. These products include:

For The Face Moisturizer
For The Body Moisturizer
For Damaged Skin Moisturizer
After Sun Moisturizer Product

Why Choose Pure Source for Moisturizer Contract Manufacturing?

All our moisturizer products are formulated by licensed pharmacists with years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty industries. Our team also consists of professional designers and engineers who can provide unique packaging and labeling concepts for optimal branding. Most importantly, all our custom moisturizer manufacturing is conducted at cGMP certified, FDA inspected facilities, so you can rest assured that all products meet the highest industry standards and the strictest regulations.

Leading the Moisturizer Manufacturing Industry

Since 1995, The Pure Source has invested significant capital directly into Research and Development support. In recent years, we have provided the R&D for some of the most innovative and best-selling cosmetic products on the market. We are well-versed in the latest cosmetic manufacturing advances, and not only do we stay up to date on the newest industry trends—but we help shape those trends through our efforts.

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