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There is no question that moisturization is the number-one key to good skin health, and maintaining a healthy and young-looking appearance.
Facial skin care products are promoted vigorously in the cosmetic industry with claims of tremendous benefit to good, healthy-looking skin. Consumers search for rejuvenation and protection of their largest organ, important on the basic biological level that it acts as a barrier, shielding the body from the environment, as a temperature regulator, as a basic immune defense, and as the sensory organ.

Then there is also the aspect of the Face. Simply put, that’s what everybody notices. That’s what everybody notices first, and remembers the most vividly.

But where to begin? Moisturizers that sell for $9.99 in mass market drug stores seem to make the same claims as moisturizers that sell for $499.00 in the highest-end department stores.

Yes, there is a wide range of products – and Pure Source can develop the perfect product for you.

Some moisturizers are very simple and cost-effective, yet can play a vital role in a healthy daily grooming routine. Other moisturizers include some very high-end ingredients and have tremendous treatment effects on the skin. Wherever you want to position your product within that range, Pure Source can work with you to develop the product that is perfect for your company and your brand.

We stay up to date on the latest advances in skincare technology, and have both the worlds newest, and oldest, selection of raw materials available to us. Sometimes it’s that combination of new and old that will give you the perfect product. Our staff has the experience to know what materials work synergistically well together to give you the most cost-effective and highest-performing product that your budget will allow.

We also have experience combining moisturizers with various treatments for high-end dual-purpose products, we can combine them with SPF protection in day creams, and with rejuvenating treatments for night creams. Even natural or organic. Come see why Pure Source should be Your Source for the development and manufacturing of all your hydration products.

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