An Industry leader in product innovation and development,

with the capabilities to give you the exact look you envision.

Assembly and Packaging

Not only has Pure Source proven to be an industry leader in product innovation and development, but we also have the capabilities to give you the exact look you envision.

We can work with you to carefully select the perfect packaging components for your product. Components that are both compatible with the finished product, but also gives you the look you want. Pure Source provides many flexible solutions so you can also package your product at the budget you need.

Our wide array of filling and packaging equipment will allow us to furnish you with everything from a sample packet or a sample vial, to the most exquisite of custom-made glass containers. We can source your components, supply your components, and fill and decorate them for you with ease and again, to your exact specifications.

Our filling abilities include everything from that sample vial up to a tote tank, and virtually everything in between. Bottles, jars, tubes (soft-sided, hard-body and medal) are all done in house and all done in high-speed, high-precision equipment. From high speed automated filling, to hand assembly of gift baskets. Pure Source will find a way to make your finished product match your concept and vision.

Jars, Bottles, Packets, Vials, Tubes (soft-to-hard and plastic-to-metal).

Gift baskets, Promotions, Floor and Counter Displays, etc.

Display boxes, Blister Cards, Hang tags, etc.

Label, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Printed Celons and Shrink Bands.

Regardless of your needs, Pure Source’s engineering department can design a production line to maximize production of your product(s). The job of our engineering department is to find a way to fill every product with more precision and in less time. Their job is to “make it happen”. They’re experts, and they do.

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