Wound-Healing Cream Manufacturer

Whether it’s for post-op use by surgeons immediately after surgery, or a product in the medicine cabinet at home for when a child gets a cut or scrap playing, PURE SOURCE is at the forefront of the wound-healing category.

Our expert R&D staff has a wealth of experience in all areas of wound healing products. These include products for post-operative use by physicians that speed up the healing process and help prevent scars. As well as a variety of products for the medicine cabinet at home. Whether it is used to speed up the healing process, prevent infections, lessen the appearance of scars, or just make the itch and pain go away, Pure Source’s highly diversified staff of scientists can work with you to develop the perfect addition to your brand.

As an FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pure Source can also develop a wide array of antibiotic and anti-itch products. We can stock your medicine cabinet. Or better yet, stock your brand with everything the consumer needs for the medicine cabinet.

Call us today and find out how easy it can be.

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