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In this day and age, all consumers are aware of the need to protect the skin from sun damage. The United States Food and Drug Administration and medical professionals worldwide have clearly stated that over exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause premature aging of the skin. Worst yet, it can significantly increase the potential for developing skin cancer.

But what about after the exposure? What about the dryness, brown spots and leathery appearance that the sun can cause?

At Pure Source, we can work with you to develop after-sun repair creams that will provide significant repair. In order to maintain youthful-looking and supple skin, it is crucial that we fix this damage. The skin needs intense re-hydration and cell repair from both the exposure to the sun, and exposure to the many other environmental factors that come with it.

Whether it is this intense rehydration and cell regeneration you are after, or the finest in exfoliators to remove the damages cells, Pure Source can work with you to develop the “repair products” that fit the exact specifications of your brand.

Call us today and let’s discuss the many option to set your products, and your brand, apart from the others.

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