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SKIN CONDITIONERS. That is a very widely used term, and a term that can be used to describe many functions for a cosmetic product. Whatever function you are looking for, Pure Source can develop the perfect product for you and your brand.

Whether your was “skin conditioning” to meet moisturizing and softening or improving problematic skin, Pure Source has the staff of experienced scientists who can work with you to develop the exact product you are looking for – and just as importantly, hit the price points that your budget allows.

Skin Conditioners can do anything from evening out skin tone and removing redness, blotches and blemishes to making the skin more supple and elastic. Skin Conditioners can fight acne (for both adolescents or adults), prevent the invasion of pimples and prevent skin roughness.

Whether you are looking for one multi-faceted product to address overall skin condition, or individual products to fight against any skin problem, we can get you there. Call us today and discuss the many options.

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