Podiatry Product Manufacturer

PURE SOURCE has become known as an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of Podiatry products.  Products for foot health and foot care have turned this area into a billion-dollar industry on the retail level.  Combining your sales efforts with Pure Source’s Research and Development team can put you at the forefront of this rapidly growing area.


Whether it is product for nail fungus with clinically proven maximum effectiveness, or a product for skin fungus (athlete’s foot) that meets the US-FDA monograph, Pure Source is your one-stop shop for foot care.


*NAIL ANTIFUNGAL (toenail fungus)
*SKIN ANTIFUNGAL (athlete’s foot)
*Denotes product is an over-the-counter pharmaceutical and subject to regulations set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


Our products include clinically effective medicinal doses for maximum effectiveness, and innovative delivery systems to maximize the active ingredients.


Our services not only include the manufacturing and packaging of these products, but also complete quality-assurance and analytical testing.


From a half-ounce glass bottle of a top-end pharmaceutical-grade antifungal, to an 8oz tube of a skin softener that really works … let the Pure Source team show you why we have become a leader in this niche market.

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