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It is no secret that keeping the skin hydrated is crucial. It is widely considered to be the most important single issue in keeping the skin healthy, supple and young looking. Americans will spend over $1-billion on moisturizers in 2015 … and this area of cosmetics keeps growing exponentially. You can’t afford to miss out on this growth.

The variety of moisturizers is incredible on the retails shelves; from low-cost daily use products to exclusive serums costing hundreds of dollars per ounce. They all have their place; they all have their specific target consumer, and Pure Source can work with you on the development of the perfect moisturizer(s) for your brand.

Pure Source has been at the forefront of development using the latest in skincare technology to develop some moisturizers that offer clinically proven (at independent laboratories) increases in hydration of up to 500%. We have also developed daily-use moisturizers for priced for mass market sales that give the clinical performance of some of the more expensive products found in stores.

Call us and discuss your needs and desires with our staff of experienced professionals. Let’s see how we can develop the products that meet your exact specifications – and let’s see how we can both take advantage of this continuously growing area of cosmetics.

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