Dandruff Cream Manufacturer

Dandruff is on the head/scalp, psoriasis (and eczema and other forms of dermatitis attack the rest of the body.

What do they have in common? The treatments for these conditions are regulated by the United States Food & Drug Administration as drug products. Based on their claims to treat a condition, all products to treat issues like dandruff and psoriasis fall into the (over the counter) “drug” category.

Use the expertise in development and quality assurance that Pure Source has gained over the years to give you the highest performing products that are guaranteed to meet all current US-FDA standards and regulations.

Pure Source has a quality assurance department to do the strictest of testing on OTC (over the counter) pharmaceuticals. Pure Source has a staff of highly trained scientists to develop the products that meet your highest performance standards.

Our 20-year relationship with the FDA without any disciplinary action (or even any warnings) assures you that Pure Source does things in the right way. Your products are guaranteed to meet all regulations. We even take care of getting your labels approved, and your products listed with the Food and Drug Administration.

Call us today and let us show you how we can be the perfect partner for all of your topical OTC needs.

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