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Oxygen is crucial to every form of life on earth.

Iron is one of the strongest materials known to man.

But when oxygen meets iron, you get ferrous oxide. Ferrous Oxide is rust, which can cause even the sturdiest medal to degrade, corrode and fall apart.

So, yes, while oxygen is crucial to every form of life on earth, it can also be very destructive. Just like it will break down iron and cause it to crack and corrode and eventually fall apart, it can to the same thing to skin cells.

Whether it’s for the face or body, antioxidant treatments are essential to keep skin healthy and looking young.

At Pure Source we have developed a wide variety of antioxidant treatments from cost-effective lotions, to high-performance and upscale serums. Our products have been proven to be effective during independent clinical trials.

That clinically proved technology can be used in your brand. Call us today and find out how we can incorporate that antioxidant knowledge and experience to create products to meet your exact specifications.

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