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Yes, they can be hydroquinone-free and effective!

GLAMOUR RADIANCE SKIN BRIGHTENER by Pure Source, is a daily treatment containing mostly natural, and state of the art raw materials, which help restore the skin’s glow and radiance, fighting against dull coloration, age spots, freckles and other tone imperfections due to aging process.  Using Pure Source’s Skin Brightener daily will give your skin an instant glow and luminescent effect, while also serving as a long-term treatment against aging and dull skin.  Aside from fine lines and wrinkles, as we age, the skin also loses its radiance and glow.  Skin color turns to a dull coffee-like color.  The skin all over the body gets overwhelmed with age spots, blotchiness and poor and uneven skin tone.

There is no surgical procedure that can fix these problems, but now there is Pure Source’s revolutionary blend of active ingredients found only in PURE SOURCE’s SKIN BRIGHTENER.  This unique and proprietary blend of raw materials will brighten and lighten the skin.  You will experience an immediate look of instant lightening and glow, along with long-term treatment against age spots, blotches and splotches, increasing whiteness while decreasing redness and yellowness of the skin… and even help take away freckles.
*Achieves an even skin tone, brightening and lightening the skin.
*After treatment, the skin looks radiant, brighter. The skin has an even tone. Age spots and blemishes fade away.
*Reduces the appearance of age spots, blemishes, skin irritations and imperfections.

*A reduction in age spots of up to 77% after 8-weeks, and 66% after 4-weeks.
*An average reduction of age spots of 50.0% after 8-weeks.
*A visual lightening and brightening of the skin tone of up to 55% after 8-weeks, and 50% after 4-weeks.
*An average lightening and brightening of the skin tone of 46% after 8-weeks.
*100% non-irritating formula, with no hydroquinone and no parabens.

This is an example of one of our skin lightening creations.  Let us show you how this product, along with independent clinical data can work for you – or how we can develop a product to meet your exact specifications.

Both in terms of performance or budgetary parameters, let the Pure Source team of experts work with you to develop and manufacture the exact product to meet your exact needs.

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