If you’re serious about creating your own topical CBD product, you’ll need to work with a qualified Custom Contract Manufacturer who can help bring your product life. Here are 6 KEY THINGS TO LOOK FOR to help you make the right choice!  Article Update 2020

Pure Source, LLC



Newly established Custom Contract Manufacturers [CCM’s] might offer great services and low introductory prices (that usually cost you in the back end) but lack real “experience” of the start-to-finish manufacturing process. From sourcing ingredients to packaging to quality control, there are so many important steps to consider. Working with a CCM who has years of experience will give you comfort in knowing you have made a good decision. For example, which “delivery system” will work best for your product? A cream? A patch? ... Here’s where an experienced CCM knows best. If not, your product could get stuck somewhere in the development & manufacturing process and hold up your big game plan!



While some CCM’s are set up for just small manufacturing runs, others work with clients looking to manufacture massive runs (such as customers who mass produce items for bigger retail stores). If you go with a CCM who only does small runs, and your product successfully takes off, the CCM may lack the ability to suddenly keep up with the orders. If you can’t keep up with instant, larger quantity demands, you can quickly lose your window for success. Not a good thing! Work with a CCM who has the capability to “SCALE-UP” when higher demands suddenly (and happily) come knocking.



The more a CCM can do in-house, the better off you are. Dealing with a multitude of companies and trying to orchestrate the process of sourcing to logistics to packaging, etc. can be a real time-suck. Work with a company that can handle everything from research & development to testing, manufacturing, packaging and the full scope of processes. Dealing with one CCM helps you achieve your SPEED-TO-MARKET in a more effective and timely manner.



From the time raw materials and ingredients arrive into a CCM and until they exit as products, everything has to be perfect. Each individual item needs to be consistent and identical as well as meet your set specifications.  

When ingredients come in, they need to go through strict checks by a Quality Control department to make sure they meet set standards and haven’t been adulterated (contaminated, infected or are impure). Final products have to be checked and tested to make sure they meet your expected standards.  

A company like Pure Source, for example has the highest quality checks along their entire manufacturing process. When raw materials are initially received, they are sampled and quarantined until they are approved. Throughout each phase, whether batching, transferring, or packaging, there are required quality checkpoints. Samples are taken for microbiological and analytical testing to confirm compliance, quality, and purity. Finally, each run is issued a production batch number and more samples are pulled to test the spray, cream, lotion or whatever product was ordered. Multi-layered quality checks and inspections along the way truly help preserve the life and reputation of your product and brand!



If you’re thinking of creating a new product you will need to select, and potentially combine, specific ingredients. Choosing a company with a full-time product development staff, including chemists, pharmacists and packaging experts will surely help put your mind at ease.



If you eat it, inhale it, or it touches your skin, your product should be manufactured at a company that complies with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. The FDA states that products need to be SAFE - nothing in the product will hurt you; no outside contamination, not microbial, not chemical and no residual cleaning agents on any equipment an item is being manufactured on. It needs to have an IDENTITY - what is listed on the label is what is really in there. It needs to prove accurate STRENGTH - a product must meet the stated potency claims. It needs to assure QUALITY - if a product says “60 pills” in a bottle, there has to be 60 pills, or if it says “contains 4oz.” it needs to have 4oz. It needs PURITY - nothing additional in the product other than what is listed. Without these guidelines in place, you could risk getting big fines. Totally not worth it!  

Additionally, if you’re working with “Organics”, choose a company that is certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) Organic Certification under the NOP, NSF, and ANSI305 standards!


In summary, choosing to work with a company such as Pure Source, with over 25 years of extensive CCM experience, will provide you with the highest-quality standards and result in a more qualified end product for you and more importantly for your customers!

PURE SOURCE, LLC is a Custom Contract Manufacturer that can take care of 100% of your formulating, manufacturing and packaging needs… so you

PURE SOURCE, LLC is a Custom Contract Manufacturer that can take care of 100% of your formulating, manufacturing and packaging needs… so you can put your time, effort and resources into marketing your product. They have been in business over 25 years and are an FDA inspected facility so you can be guaranteed no shortcuts or skimping on quality! If you want a product or brand created with an experienced Custom Contract Manufacturer contact Pure Source by email or call them @ (305) 477-8111.

PURE SOURCE ALSO MANUFACTURES: Cosmetics, Health and Beauty Aids, Nutritional Products, OTC Products, Hand Sanitizers and more!

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