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While every company continues to look for the perfect product to bring to market in today’s competitive world, there is an equal search going on for the perfect delivery system. PURE SOURCE is making major capital investments to keep up with the latest trend.

The latest trend in packaging and delivery systems is the environmentally-friendly aerosol products, and PURE SOURCE is up and running with its state-of-the-art aerosol capabilities.

The aerosol market took a steady downhill turn throughout the late 1980s and 90s due to concerns about hydrocarbons, and the damage to the environment caused by the gas propelled sprays. There is no questioning the convenience to the consumer. Consumers have long preferred the easy-to-use application method of the continuous spray. Now, with the latest technologies, PURE SOURCE can offer its clientele a chance to “go green” and “go aerosol” at the same time.

Help the Planet – Please the Customer:

Now with the new generation aerosol, you can do both.

We believe in being responsible citizens of the earth at Pure Source, and we are always seeking ways to decrease our carbon footprint. This new spray technology offers us the opportunity to do just that, while also giving the customer the most convenient delivery system available”

In areas like hair-care, sunscreen, skin-care, pain relief, anti-fungal and countless other applications, the advantages for a continuous spray product are just to numerous to count.

Continuous sprays offer convenience to the consumer that is unmatched. The one-touch spray gives you a hands-free application, and a method of even application that is far great than common creams and lotions.

The Aerosol products manufactured and filled at Pure Source will never harm the environment.

*Pure Source does not use the gas propellants that were found 30-years ago to be causing irreparable harm to the earth’s ozone later. Pure Source will work strictly with non-flammable and non-ozone depleting methods.

*Even the containers themselves have a beneficial effect on the environment, as the aluminum and steel containers can be easier recycled.

Pure Source is committed to recyclability and sustainability. And we are keeping up with the latest technologies and making the necessary capital investments to back that up.

One study suggests that up to 40% of new suntan products on the market are going in continuous spray aerosol containers. PURE SOURCE is ready to put you into the latest generation of packaging technology.


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