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When Pure Source was founded in 1995, it was founded with the objective of providing customers with the best service and the most options in manufacturing of Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements. In developing our reputation for outstanding service and fair prices, Pure Source quickly became an industry leader.

Pure Source can offer you the exact vitamin and/or nutritional supplements that meet the exact specifications of your brand. You will be surprised at the ease of product development, the competitive pricing and the quick turn-around times


Let our staff of experienced professionals work with you to formulate the exact product you are looking for. Whether it is a sublingual multi-vitamin, or the most unique of combinations in a soft-gel, we will turn your concept into a reality.


Pure Source has developed single vitamin doses and combinations for virtually any use you can imagine. Pure Source has developed multi-vitamins in virtually every form. Let Pure Source develop the perfect vitamin for your brand.


Whether it is a tablet, sublingual spray, classic capsule or soft/gel capsule, Pure Source can give you the exact delivery system that your brand desires. Pure Source has the ability to customize your product and keep the minimum order quantities reasonable. Whether it is the specific color of your capsule, or the specific flavor of your sublingual spray, let us show you how easy it is to meet your exact specifications.


Every vitamin is manufactured and packaged in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. Our factory is randomly and vigorously inspected by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the State of Florida Health Department. We are very proud to enjoy a spotless track record with all of our regulatory agencies. Since our inception in 1995, Pure Source has never received any type of disciplinary action, not even a warning letter, from these agencies.

That is public record. You can check for yourself, then feel comfortable sleeping at night knowing Pure Source only does things one way – the right way.