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When Pure Source was founded in 1995, it was founded with the objective of providing customers with the best service and the most options in manufacturing of Lotions and moisturizers products. In developing our reputation for outstanding service and fair prices, Pure Source quickly became an industry leader.

Ultra Hydration combines natural extracts, proteins and vitamins synergistically with other clinically proven emollients to give the ultimate moisturizing effect. Not only will this amazing product moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin, but Ultra Hydration will actually regulate the moisture in the skin. Ultra Hydration has an unparalleled capacity for long-lasting moisture binding and moisture retention. The “moisture magnet” will actually hold moisture in the skin, not letting it escape.

Perfect for immediate relief of problem dry areas, and for daily use to keep the skin healthy, moist and hydrated. Regular use of Ultra Hydration will prevent dry skin, itching, peeling and cracking, and help maintain skin suppleness and elasticity. Specifications for packaging. Specifications for price point.


Let our staff of experienced professionals work with you to formulate the exact product you are looking for. Whether it is face or body lotions, we will turn your concept into a reality.