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Pure Source covers the gamut of Facial products. By taking advantage of the latest cosmetic technologies, Pure Source is at the forefront of product development for all types of facial products. Whether you want something that is cost-effective and pleasant to use…or you are looking for a product that will give dynamic clinical results, we have the ability to give your Face Care products the unique qualities you are looking for:

Perhaps no area of cosmetics has seen such technological breakthroughs as the field of Anti-Aging. Pure Source has developed some trend setting products for wrinkle repair and prevention, age spots and blemishes, skin tightening and toning, treatments for the eye area, etc. Your imagination and marketing strategy provide the only limits.

Pure Source has developed anti-wrinkle products for our worldwide STRIXADERM-MD brand, as well as other nationally known brands. We have taken the latest technologies and made them work effectively in topical treatments. We have products with scientific and clinical proof to remove and repair nearly 70% of wrinkles caused by aging. The available technology is amazing…. Our ability to utilize that technology is even better.

Nothing is more crucial to skin health and overall appearance than moisturization. Pure Source has always been on the cutting edge of moisturization technology. Greater increases in hydration, hydrate for longer and hydrate better. We challenge you to compare our moisturization products to the rest of the market…and we have the clinical data to prove it.

Oxygen is clearly one of the key elements to sustaining life. It is also one of the most corrosive. Iron is a very strong medal. We all know that. What happens when iron mixes with oxygen? You get iron-oxide. That’s rust. Everybody knows that rust can make a very strong metal very weak and decrepit. We consider ourselves experts in antioxidant protection and can provide your customers with outstanding protection against oxidation in a cream, lotion or serum form.

The eyes are a window into the soul. They are also the first place most people show signs of aging. We have a variety of methods to combat that with a unique and innovative selection of lotions, creams and serums. Everything from instant wrinkle concealing to anti-wrinkle treatments. Products for dark bags and puffy bags under the eyes. You name it, we’ve done it, we’ve tested it, and we’ve perfected it.

Pure Source has developed a variety of products for age spots and blemishes. Whether it’s very potent hydroquinone product, or all natural skin lighteners, Pure Source has worked with them all, and can produce the exact formulation you are looking for.

Pure Source has developed many skin toners in liquid, spray and lotion forms.

Not only can Pure Source offer products with exceptional records as moisturizers, and anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products, but we can offer you an entire skin conditioning regimen. Tightening, evening out color tone, softening, smoothing, increasing firmness and elasticity. You name it, we’ve tried it, we’ve tested it…and again, we’ve perfected it.