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Comprehensive Testing

Testing can be a crucial part in the success of any product line, and between our in-house abilities, and our wide range of affiliated laboratories, Pure Source can design the appropriate testing program for all of your products.

Pure Source routinely performs a wide array of quality control testing on every batch. This gives you the guarantees of product consistency you strive for in terms of color, texture, viscosity, odor, pH, etc.

All pharmaceuticals/OTC items are always tested (every batch) for actual effective percentage of the natural ingredient. This gives us independent proof that your OTC product meets its label claim, and all appropriate standards set for by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Microbiological testing is done on every OTC product, and many cosmetic items to assure a lack of microbiological and/or bacterial content. We can identify any contamination source down to 1ppm.

Pure Source can design a stability program to ensure that your product meets any shelf-life or expiration date possible. We do both real-time and accelerated stability studies giving you the assurance that the product you sell today, will still be of equal quality and efficacy tomorrow.

Pure Source, through one of it affiliated laboratories, can run a complete dermatological battery of tests on your product. Completion of such testing on appropriate items gives you the documentation and guarantee you need to state things like “hypoallergenic”, “approved for sensitive skin”, “dermatologist tested”, etc.

Pure Source always recommends In-Vivo testing during the developmental stage of any sunscreen product, and In-Vitro testing on every batch. Again, we send you the report, not the headache.

Depending upon your product and your budget, Pure Source has an affiliated laboratory that can conduct any type of clinical trial you desire. From scientific testing for wrinkle repair and reduction and moisturization to SPF testing. From wound healing to weight loss, we have the resources to get a complete battery of clinical trials with specific tests and the size of the human panel based on your budget and testing goals.

** Under no circumstances does Pure Source conduct, recommend of condone animal testing of any kind.