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Brand Development

Throughout 2005 and 2006, Pure Source completed the Research and Development of the STRIXADERM-MD brand of dermaceutical treatment products. Our goal was to produce and bring to market innovative treatments for aging issues (wrinkles, age spots, skin tone, moisturization, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.). The results were phenomenal…the clinical trials exceeded expectations, and the market launch was a complete success. Launched in Paris in 2006, STRIXADERM-MD is now sold in over 30 countries throughout Europe, and has been lauded an innovative and highly effective brand of treatment products.

Thanks in large part to that success, Pure Source has earned a worldwide reputation as the developer of unique and highly innovative products. Products that work. Products that do what they claim. Products with clinical and scientific data behind them. And products that exceed the expectations of the consumer.

That has led to many companies coming to us to assist in their brand development. We have the knowledge and experience of both product R&D and the latest chemical technology, as well as the branding experience to know how to tie them together; what new items are just around the corner, what the new (and next) “buzz” words will be, and how to beat the curve in new development.

Over the past several years, Pure Source has been instrumental in developing several brands of cosmetics, hair care and sun care products. Brands that are sold in upscale department stores and boutiques, brands that are sold on television shopping networks, the internet, spa brands, and brands made for and endorsed by a wide variety of physicians. Our products are sold in every state across the country, and every continent across the globe.

Whatever your brand goals and strategic positions are, Pure Source should be your partner in the development of your brand. We have the experience and expertise, along with the track record or success to assist you in every stop along the journey.

Call us…make an appointment and come visit us. See the difference for yourself, and lets build a success story together.