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Body Care

Often overlooked and/or limited to an after-bath moisturizer, Pure Source has been at the forefront in skin treatments for the Body.

Pure Source has developed, and clinically tested, revolutionary products for:

MOISTURIZATION: Some our products have been clinically tested to provide exponential moisturization in as short as one day. From the typical After-Bath Body Lotion to the most upscale of Hydration products, Pure Source can offer intense skin moisturization, softening and conditioning with an elegant and silky feel…and any fragrance you choose.

STRETCH MARKS and SCARS: Another area where Pure Source has been at the forefront of new technology. We have scientific and clinical data showing that some of our products are magnificent when it comes to repair and reduction of stretch marks and scars…and in some cases, prevention as well.

CELLULITE: We believe our Cellulite Creams are unlike anybody’s in the world. The cellulite product in our Strixaderm-MD line has been scientifically proven to remove more then 55% of cellulite on our panel of women, without the benefit of diet and exercise. With clinical proof like this, is there any question about who should develop your cellulite product?

TIGHTENING AND TONING: Pure Source has developed revolutionary technology for skin tightening and toning. Now it’s actually possible to say goodbye to the loose and flabby skin that develops with age around the chin, neck and décolleté areas. We can tighten it and firm it….within weeks with easy and pleasant to use serums and lotions.

SKIN APPEARANCE: From Skin Lighteners, to various lotions, creams and serums to reduce blotches and blemishes, Pure Source has a vast experience in developing these types of products for both the body and face.

TANNING and SUNTAN PROTECTION: Pure Source can make a complete line of SPF products, from Dark Tanning Oils to maximum protection…with our use of both (or either) natural or chemical sunscreens, we can formulate products that are cost-effective and products that are 100% natural with excellent moisturization and anti-aging properties. We also have extensive experience with self-tanning products, bronzers, aloe gels and after-sun skin products.