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No area of cosmetics has seen more technological breakthroughs and advances then the areas of Anti-Aging. At Pure Source, we predicted this, we were ready for it…and we’ve taken advantage of it with some of the most unique anti-aging products on the market today. You can’t help it…you go through an upscale department store, look at a dermatologist’s brand, or shop on television …without seeing a product(s) that Pure Source played a part of. Our own brand STRIXADERM-MD, a brand of upscale anti-aging treatments was launched in Paris in July 2006. It’s now sold in 33 countries across Europe, and will debut in the United States within the coming months. When science meets innovation, Pure Source steps to the front of the line.

ANTI-WRINKLE: Yes, they really work! Thanks to the latest technologies, Pure Source can manufacture some of the most innovating and effective anti-wrinkle products around the world. Our STRIXADERM-MD UNDER EYE TREATMENT boasts a loss of over 66% wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet around the eyes. These are clinically and scientifically proven by a very well renowned and independent testing lab. Shouldn’t the company that developed the STRIXADERM-MD anti-aging products make your anti-wrinkle product as well?

REPAIR and PREVENTION: Technology is such today, that Pure Source’s Research and Development has proven methods to both delay and prevent the appearance of aging on the skin…and to repair damage that has already occurred. Through our library of proven Day Creams and Night Creams, Night Repair Serums, etc., we can keep your customers looking better and younger…for longer.

UNDER EYE TREATMENTS: The eye area is the first place to show signs of aging on most women. Our unique and innovative creams and serums can both prevent and repair wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet around the eyes…as well under-eye puffiness and bags, under-eye dark circles, dryness, etc.

AGE SPOTS and BLEMISHES: Whether it’s an all-natural remedy, or an ultra-powerful hydroquinone cream, Pure Source has developed several products aimed at clearing up age spots, blemishes, blotches, uneven color tone, and even the latest trend in clinically proven and dermatologist tested skin lighteners and brighteners.

SKIN TONING and TIGHTENING: Aging skin shows a lot more than wrinkles, dryness and brittleness. Other issues with the onset of aging include uneven and blotchy skin tone. How about skin looseness and flabbiness that tends to appear on the neck, chin, décolleté and even under the arms? We can help solve all these problems…and we have the scientific and clinical data to prove it.